The Pheasant Pluckers

Music, theatre and comedy!


The Pheasant Pluckers are a group of five musicians and comics. Together they add up to more than 150 years of experience, having worked with Jango Edwards, Pigeon Drop Comedy Company, The Nitwits and Lonnie Donegan to name but a few. For the Pluckers, variety is the key word and not only because they are from five different countries.

They switch between styles and sounds in a mixture of music, theatre and comedy. You might hear Zappa, Ellington, Sinatra, Spike Jones and Shostakovich all within five minutes. You’ll be kept on the edge of your seat not knowing what’s coming next. There are vocals in close harmony, velvety brass melodies, a rhythm section that really nails it, and even some rude jokes.

Over the years, the Pheasant Pluckers played at various festivals and theatres, including the Festival of Fools, Carnaval de Valladolid, Clown Festival, Foolstock, Oerol Festival, Meppelsdag (2 times 1st prize winner!), Theater Carré, Street Festival Lienz, Heineken Jazz Festival and Duke Town Jazz Festival.

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